Missions for September, 2018:

Rochester Genesee Region (RGR) ~ Goal $250

RGR is the region that we belong to. They promote Welcoming and Affirming Churches all over the United States. So many churches are struggling with this issue. It is a safe place for everyone to belong to. They have given us the opportunity to apply for 2 grants for the Baby Bank and we have been the recipient of one of them. We just applied for the Matthew 25 Grant. They support the churches with counseling and educational materials. congregations in developing leaders who transform lives. us!

Monthly Missions:

January – World Mission Offering Our goal is $250. We raised $250

February - Church World Service Blankets Our goal is 25 blankets @ $10 = $250 We raised $300

March - America For Christ ~ Our goal is $250 We raised $270

April – Community Fund ~ Our goal is $300 We raised $410

May – One Great Hour of Sharing ~ Our goal is $250 as of We raised $270

June – Painted Post Pantry ~ Our goal is $250 we raised $286.65

July – United Mission ~ Our goal is $250 we raised $256.00

August – Baby Bank ~ Our Goal is $300 we raised $438.15